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Young girl with a shadow puppet she made at the workshop

A well-attended 90-minute puppet-making workshop at the Asia Society Texas Center was the last event of the Wayang Kulit troupe’s Caravanserai residency in Houston.

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Four-year-old Sofia Rios shows her puppet, a self-portrait. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.            Pauline Fan, one of the cultural interpreters traveling with the Wayang Kulit troupe, opened the workshop by explaining Southeast Asia’s shadow puppet tradition to a multi-generational audience and projecting a few examples of traditional puppets. This is Hunaman, the monkey warrior. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.            Jared Tilley invoked memories of a Japanese folk tale when creating boar and woodsman figures. Here, Jared and his wife Janice cast puppet shadows on the wall. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.            This mythological figure was made by Lola Vayner who brought her two children to the workshop. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.            Tova Vayner-Vishnubhotla, 4, admires the puppet she named Princess Paulina. Her brother made a tortoise puppet based on a Super Mario video game and her mother made a mythological Slavic bird. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.