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Diplomats of Drum photo by Jay Ismail

Nine months have passed since Diplomats of Drum launched the Caravanserai: Malaysia season with a five-week U.S. tour. We recently re-connected with Rav Singh, Diplomats of Drum’s Artistic Director, to reflect on the group’s first U.S. tour experience.

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Carina Shiau’s piece, Out of Sight. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.Joshua Montemayor’s piece, The Silk Road. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.Samantha Kim holding her award with Pauline Fan. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.Samantha Kim’s Best-in-Show winning piece “The Minds Eye.” Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.Society for Performing Arts Director of Education and Community Engagmenet Jordan Drum looks on as SPA Houston President and CEP June Christensen congratulates the winners at the awards ceremony. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.